GIVEAWAY: Brad Meltzer's "I Am" Series!

Brad Meltzer is a #1 New York Times best selling author who has written countless thrillers, non-fiction history stories and comic books.

Some of his other books topping best seller lists are for a younger audience, his children's books in the "I Am" series.

Brad has created a series following history's most well known heroes and figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Amelia Earhart and Lucille Ball among many others.

His most recent releases follows the lives of Gandhi and how he used nonviolent resistance to fight discrimination and Sacagawea's journey with Lewis and Clark across America.

Both books came out this week and will soon be joined in the line up by I Am Harriet Tubman out next year.

We would like to celebrate Brad's amazing new releases by having a giveaway of the full series of his "I Am" books!

To enter to win all 13 books here's what you do:

  1. Follow us on @WakeUpCallKFI on Twitter
  2. Tweet to @WakeUpCallKFI which figure you'd wish Brad would write about using the #IAm.
    1. Example tweet: @WakeUpCall #IAm Anne Frank

We will randomize all the legitimate entries and will announce the winner on air on October 27th!

Start the tweets now!!!

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