Video: Cat Stuck in Wind Turbine Rescued

The Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team of Los Angeles (SMART LA) works to rescue animals caught in odd places.

They saved a raven stuck in a Sony sign on a building and a cow trapped in an overturned vehicle on the freeway.

This time, their latest rescue involved a furry feline and a wind turbine.

In a South Los Angeles shed they found a kitten trapped in a wind turbine and as the cat tried to run away, the turbine began to spin creating a hamster wheel.

SMART was able to easily rescue the cat and made it available for adoption at the South LA Animal Shelter.

However, creator and team leader of SMART LA Armando Navarrete says she isn't doing too well.

 "She's been confused. I think she's just been very stressed out." 

If you’re interested in adopting the kitten (animal ID is A1731286) you can visit the shelter website  or go to the South LA Animal Shelter at 1850 W 60th St, Los Angeles.

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