Unarmed Security Made First Contact in Las Vegas

Jesus Campos, an unarmed security guard for the Mandalay Bay Casino, was first on the scene to apprehend shooter Stephen Paddock. Campos was shot in the leg after Paddock fired through a door during the confrontation but was still able to assist police in stopping the carnage.

According to police, Paddock managed to fire over 200 rounds while Campos moved in toward the suspect’s room. He managed to inform police where the suite was and was able to give them a hotel key so that they could clear the other suites on the 32nd floor.

Interviewed by ABC, Campos says that he’s fine and, “I was just doing my job.”

At the time of the shooting Campos was on ‘random patrol’ at the hotel when he happened upon the shooter, according to a coworker who was set up a GoFundMe page for him.

Lombardo added that Paddock fired "well over 200 rounds" into the hallway when the security guard approached. Paddock had set up a camera in the hallway, apparently to watch for approaching authorities.

Paddock fired more than 200 rounds into the hallway as Campos made his approach. The gunman had set up a camera to act as a lookout for security or police.

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