Parenting Different Genders with The Dad Podcast

Parenting isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ deal. Something that is fairly consistent is that boys and girls are raised differently, especially in the early formative years. Parents generally have clear boundaries for what is appropriate behavior for the different genders – for example: boys aren’t expected to play with dolls and girls are stopped from activities that are a physical risk.

Studies show that dads are more likely to rough house with their sons than their daughters but that dads are more receptive to their daughters when they are having an emotional outburst. The 2005 study showed that they had much less patience for their boys when they acted out in a similar manner.

A more recent study shows that fathers are still more likely to rough house with their sons than daughters. However, when playing with their girls, dads were ore likely to sing and be more emotionally available.

Dads also used a different kind of language with speaking with their kids, more likely to use words like ‘top’ ‘win’ and ‘proud’ while using a more emotionally based vocabulary with their daughters. Relating to their girls and talking about sadness or body image.

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