iHeart Taco...

...but do YOU?

All cheesiness aside....it's here.

Al Pastor Carne Asada Beef TacosIt is officially National Taco Day.

And this leaves only one question:  how will you celebrate? 

Whether you enjoy the savory snacks at home or out at your favorite Mexican restaurant, several restaurants are offering free or discounted tacos today in honor of the national holiday!  

Check out the details!

Participating restaurants:

As mentioned, the varying offers will differ.  For example, Taco Bell is offering 4 tacos for 5 dollars, Del Taco is offering 2 free tacos with an online coupon. 

Click on any of the restaurants below to see their special 2017 National Taco Day offer!

Looking to try a different way to snazz up your own homemade tacos?   

Here are three off-kilter taco recipes we think are worth a look!

Indian / Navajo Tacos 

Recipe courtesy of Hilah Cooking

Why not try the newly-notorious Indian Tacos, which are an authentically American treat (sorry, Mexico!)  These have been in the news lately, as it was an Indian taco which Canadian police used to successfully lure a runaway suspect out of a tree.  

Take a look at this beast, it's easy to understand how it worked!

Taco Pie 

Recipe courtesy of Buzzfeed

Gluten-free Vegan lettuce wrap tacos

Recipe courtesy of Oh She Glows

So what are you waiting for??  Put some south in your mouth!

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