Warning: Do NOT get your eyeball tattooed

24-year-old Cat Gallinger from Ontario, Canada is warning others about the dangers of getting a "sclera tattoo," which tints the whites of the eyes to another color using a hypodermic needle.

After getting her eye injected with purple ink, things went very wrong. She got the tattoo in mid-September and since then, it swelled up, turned purple, and started leaking. Her vision could be permanently ruined.

According to Gallinger, the damage was "caused by undiluted ink, over injection, (and/or) not enough/smaller injections sights.”

Her eye started leaking light purple ink before it swelled shut. 3 weeks later, the sclera began to swell and hemorrhage. The sclera tore due to a needle puncture, and that led to irritation, double vision, and blurred vision.

Gallinger, who models, says she now wears light sensitive dark glasses inside and outside and she is completely discouraged from continuing her modeling:

"I don't see myself ever being comfortable enough to do another shoot. I can barely look at myself except for when I have to do my treatment."

So there's your lesson for the day. Keep the tattoos off your eyeballs!

Click here for more at the New York Daily News.

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