California High School Teachers Among Highest Paid

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

California seems to be one of the best places for a high school teacher to work.  Bureau of Labor Statistics economist Todd Johnson says secondary educators in California make an average of $100,000 a year.

"Well California of course, is a high wage state in general, so teachers are benefiting just about like anyone else." 

Among high school teachers, those who teach health sciences, forestry and conservation and economics get paid the most.  Teachers who specialize in education make the least.  

The salary for California high school teachers ranges from about $70,000 dollars to about $130,000.  Johnson says that's significantly more than teachers in the rest of the nation.

The shortage, Johnson says, is thanks to the shortage of available teachers in California. 

"When you have a lower employment group, it doesn't take a whole lot of teachers who are receiving higher wages." 

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