Tech Talk: Setting Up Your iPhone & Twitter May Add Characters

So you bought the iPhone 8.  What do you do now?

Most people have the reflex of just tossing their old phone to the side and going crazy with their new device.


Don't rush into it.  I know, that's a lot easier said than done after you just spent hundreds, but just trust.

You are going to need your old phone around while you migrate content over to your new one.  Along with that, keep the headphones, adaptors, etc.

Since, you've kept your old phone, plug it into your computer and backup your content.  Then, plug your new phone in and click Restore backup. (While you're at it, just make this a daily thing.)

No, you're not quite done yet.

You need to take time setting up your new phone.  Make sure your security settings, Siri, and icons are done properly.  

There's nothing worse than fumbling around with your new phone and causing issues that you didn't know you were causing.

Finally, protect your phone.

Just spend the extra money and protect your $800 investment.

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