A New iPhone Feature Could Save Your Life

Besides updating productivity features, iOS 11 brings users a potentially lifesaving feature.

This morning, KTLA's tech expert Rich Demuro tells us about the setting.

"Where there is a short period where you can cancel the call to emergency services, I don’t recommend trying out this feature as you might accidentally dial 911. You can check to see that it’s activated on your phone by going into Settings > Emergency SOS. It should be right under Touch ID and Passcode in your main settings page.

Here you will find toggles for the 5 Clicks and Auto Call features. There is also a link here to the Health app to set up your emergency contacts.

If you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 11, you have access to emergency help faster than ever before. Apple calls the feature Emergency SOS. Activate it, and your phone will automatically dial the appropriate local emergency number for you, no matter where you are."

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