Which Alcohol Leads to the Worst Decisions?

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Alcohol has the tendency to make us do some crazy things; but what type of alcohol makes you do your worst?

The addiction resource and community, Addictions.com, surveyed 2000 people all around the country, looking deeper into drinking habits. What alcohol corresponds with the worst, or strangest, outcome after a night of drinking?

Strangely, 120 of the 2,000 admitted to starting a fire while drunk, and a whopping 66 people admitted to getting a tattoo while intoxicated. More than a third of the people surveyed revealed they have woken up naked after one too many drinks, usually thanks to beer.

Which alcohol do you think leads you to bad decisions? (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

According to Food and Wine, it appears that beer had the tendency to get people the most in trouble.

“Of the roughly ten percent of people who said they’d been arrested while drunk, 90 percent of them said they’d been drinking beer, and half said they’d been drinking vodka”.

Tequila and vodka were labeled as the alcohol types that was most likely to land you with a “hangover hell” the morning after.

The survey also found that of Americans that have received a DUI previously, wine was the highest contributing alcohol type for women, while tequila was highest for men.

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