Woman Barges in Kardashian Store with Gun and Machete

A woman ran into a West Hollywood clothing boutique, brandished a gun at staff and later returned with a machete.

The woman entered the Dash store (yes, the stores owned by the Kardashian sisters) with the gun and was allegedly shouting "Stay away from Cuba" before knocking items off a counter.

Deputies were called and conducted a search of the area to locate the 5 foot 10 and 170 pound, blond haired woman to no avail.

Two hours after her first visit, the woman returned to the store this time waving a 14 inch machete at staff as she paced back and forth, shouting and waving the weapon.

News staff and paparazzi were on scene taking photos of the woman.

Before she left the store, she wedged the blade in the front doorway.

A second search was launched and again, the woman wasn't found but authorities are looking over security footage to identify her.

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