The Quake Survivor Who Never Existed

Frida Sofia, a young girl who was thought to be trapped in the rubble of a collapsed school, stole the hearts of many as Mexico was by a deadly earthquake.

However... it seems Frida Sofia never existed.

Several reports said little Frida Sofia was buried in the ruins of the Enrique Rébsamen school and said to rescuers: 

"I'm thirsty, I'm okay. Please don't take too long"

Frida Sofia was believed to be one of many children and adults trapped in the school for more than 32 hours.

Many fell in love with the harrowing story of the girl, many on social media sharing messages of support and love.

However, as time went on no one came forward as parents of the girl and later the school said there was no student enrolled under that name.

Under-secretary of the navy, Angel Enrique Sarmiento said the story of Frida Sofia was "not a reality."

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