Classic Trix is back, in all its artificial glory

Today, fans of the classic cereal Trix have something to smile about.

A year and a half after removing artificial colors and flavors from its famed cereal Trix, popular breakfast maker General Mills has decided to bring back the classic neon colors and flavors so many of us have come to associate with childhood:

Trix gained notoriety in the 70s and 80s for its brightly colored fruit-flavored pieces.

However, following the all-too-modern trend of absolute healthification (McDonald's kale, anyone??), original, true fans of Trix were not pleased with the changes, and the result was an all out rebellion.

They want the food dyes and artificial flavors they remember!

General Mills had deemed it best to change the artificiality of Trix in order to appease more health-conscious consumers, despite the argument that truly health-conscious consumers probably aren't eating their product anyway.

The old color dyes were replaced with those of purple carrots, radishes and tumeric:

While not removing the natural color version of the cereal entirely (due to popular demand?  ), General Mills will now offer two versions of Trix: 

  • Trix (with the new, healthy colors) 
  • Classic Trix (with the old, bright colors we've come to know and love)

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