Denny's New Mascot is Getting Dumped On

Denny's recently unveiled its newest mascot, a fedora wearing cartoon sausage and the reactions from the public weren't exactly what they thought.

Jokes flew online how the new mascot bore a resemblance to feces.

“Sausage” was unveiled earlier this summer as part of Denny’s’ anthropomorphic food mascot team “The Grand Slams”named after their iconic breakfast plate.

Denny's official website describes Sausage as such:

Well, he’s complicated. You see, it’s hard living in the shadow of Bacon, America’s favorite breakfast side. And sometimes his insecurities get the best of him. But we can’t hold that against him. For a guy who can be a little spicy at times, he’s ultimately a good person. Err… food item.

The other members of the team are Pancake, Bacon, and Egg...and let's be real they don't look much better.

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