Scientists: Sleeping with your dogs is A-Okay!

Forget what you've heard.  Disregard the rumors.  Nevermind the gossip. The fact is:  It is absolutely okay to share your sleeping space with your dog!

A new study undertaken by the Mayo Clinic has shed light on an age-old debate:  

Does sleeping with your pet help or disrupt your Zzz's?

The results of the study are mixed, but for the most part they should alleviate the fears of dog lovers everywhere:

The Good:

  • Sleeping in the same room with your pet does not appear to affect quality of sleep
  • Sharing your sleeping space with your pet may add to the restfulness of the sleep.

The Bad:

  • Sharing your bed with your pet may negatively affect sleep quality.
  • The study only applies to dogs 6 months and older

"On the basis of these results, a single dog in the bedroom does not affect human sleep to a marked degree because, on average, humans with dogs in their bedrooms were able to maintain satisfactory sleep efficiency." - Mayo Clinic

And as for cats??

Don't hold your breath.

Read more about the study at CBS News 

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