Earthquake Experts Shaking Things Up With New App

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Scientists are working on a new app that could give you a daily forecast about how likely the 'Big One' will hit. 

Earthquake scientists say the new smartphone tool wouldn't be an exact prediction of when the quake might happen, but rather a percentage. The app factors in smaller earthquakes around key faults to measure and predict the probability of a major earthquake hitting Los Angeles. 

Experts say a series of small earthquakes can indicate stress on a fault that could lead to a major rupture. 

Several major cities around the globe have a system in place to warn residents when an earthquake is incoming. Most of those apps work by early detection and sending the warning ahead of the actual impact of the earthquake's waves. Thanks to a series of small sensors installed along Mexico's fault-ridden coastline, the early warning system delivered many Mexican residents up to one minute's worth of warning. 

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