Does sexiness start at 60? Judi Dench thinks so!

The Wild Mambo.  Boning.  The Hunk-a-Chunka.  Sex.

A rose by any other name smells just as sweet, right?  No truer case here, but look closely - there's also no mention of age.

Sex should only get better as we age.  After all, we experience and understand more about the life around us, and the life inside us.  If we can, we keep what we like, and get rid of what don't.  Who has the time (or desire) to keep all those distasteful blahs in our lives, anyway?

It's actually a bit odd that modern society idolizes and glamorizes those in their early 20's, when those being idolized are almost certainly less well-versed in the sexual arts/science.  The 20's and even the 30's are usually our "figure stuff out" period.

Dame Judi Dench seems to agree.  In fact, even at 82 years-young, she still certainly likes to have some extra kink in her step:

“There’s a lovely naughty knicker shop  —  but don’t buy up everything because I’m going there.” - Judi Dench

Listen to Dr. Wendy Walsh join Gary and Shannon in the studio talking the nuances of how sex evolves with age right now!

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