Americans are working longer, expecting less

It's true.  In America, we like it hard.  

We play hard.  We work hard.  We (insert any verb) hard.  

We're no strangers to doing what we need to do to get things done - it's just that now it can be mathematically proven!

The Numbers

Recent studies have shown that Americans work longer hours than their equivalents in the UK, Europe and Asia.  In fact, on average, we pump out roughly 500 more hours of work per year than in France, and 260 more than those in the UK.

Americans are generally happier at work these days, but they're also settling sooner.  Over 50% of surveyed Americans state that they are satisfied in their current positions.  This same figure hasn't been reached since 2005.  So what's causing the change?

Dial 'M' for Millennial  

One of the biggest reasons things are shifting is that millennials have been joining the workforce regularly for over a decade.  But along with their talent, they also bring the generational mentality that jobs aren't going to last a lifetime.  

Less time at a given organization means less of a life investment, which means that it's easier to "deal" with a potentially unenjoyable job situation.

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