Prosecutors Accuse Second Suge Knight Lawyer

Marion "Suge" Knight Pretrial Hearing

Court documents filed this week accused another of rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight's attorneys of allegedly scheming to pay for false testimony at Knight's upcoming murder trial.

A motion filed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office said defense lawyer Thaddeus Culpepper was secretly recorded on the phone with Knight - and in person by a law enforcement operative - making plans to pay-for and use fabricated testimony.

(Section of L.A. County District Attorney's Office filing below)

Knight is awaiting trial on charges he murdered a man and tried to kill another at a restaurant in Compton in January, 2015.

Last month the District Attorney's Office accused another of Knight's defense lawyers, Matthew Fletcher, of planning to pay false witnesses to testify in Knight's defense.

Fletcher denied any wrongdoing and told reporters prosecutors were taking conversations out of context, and the attempts to find defense witnesses were legitimate.

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