Kathy Griffin Rescinds Apology for Trump Head Photo

Comedian Kathy Griffin appeared on the Australian talk show "Sunrise" where she rescinded her apology over a photo of her holding a a fake severed, bloody head made to look like President Donald Trump.

Griffin lost work, was put under investigation by the Secret Service and lost her friendship with Anderson Cooper.

“I am no longer sorry. The whole outrage was BS, the whole thing got so blown out of proportion...I lost everybody. I had Chelsea Clinton tweeting against me ... I have been through the mill.”

During the interview, host Samantha Armytage commented even Democrats felt the image crossed a line.

Griffin hit back, telling her that her picture wasn't more important than the "actual atrocities that the president of the United States is committing.”

“I’ve been talking to Australians who, for the first time, are saying, ‘We’re afraid to go to America.’ I never thought I would hear that in my lifetime...I don’t apologize for that photo anymore and I think the outrage is complete BS.”

The interview came on the heels of Griffin announcing her "Laugh Your Head Off" world tour

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