#TastyTuesday with @ForkReporter - Ultimate Ramen!

Make no bones about it:  Ramen is IN.  But is a pricey night out on the town really the only way to partake in this far-Eastern delight?  Fortunately for us, the answer is a resounding (and glorious) "no!"

A majority of Americans are introduced to ramen by way of instant noodles, a la Nissin Top Ramen, or Maruchan's Instant Lunch cup of noodles (the notorious dorm room staple).  College students generally get to know this precious commodity due to its cost-effective nature, and not to mention that down-home taste of reliable awesomeness.

Typically, our love affair with the dried delight dissipates along with our college years.  But fast forward to 2017, and we find ourselves in the midst of a bona-fide ramen resurgence in the west.  

Aspiring chefs, Asian cuisine aficionados, and even every day noodle enthusiasts are trying their hand at creating new ways to convert the classic instant ramen into DIY, restaurant quality at-home delicacies.  In some cases, it's as easy as adding a step or two and a couple common ingredients you probably have in the fridge.

Adding butter to the boiling water allows emulsification. This makes up for the lack of emulsified fat or collagen which restaurants use to deliver that fulfilling, delicious ramen experience.

To fix up your basic ramen soup and bring that restaurant quality to your own table, try boiling your instant noodles and broth separately before adding them to the broth to prevent the noodles getting over-saturation by the broth. 

Adding a whole poached egg, shredded carrots and diced scallions are an excellent way to create a balance to the salty broth which surrounds the ramen noodles.

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