Dean Sharp Helps Us Deal With Flood Damage

Are you dealing with flood damage?  

Does it feel like too big of a problem to even to start working on?

Home's Dean Sharp "The House Whisperer" is here, and ready to help.

How do you handle a flood?

First, stop the flow.  Obviously, if you're in the middle of a flood like people are in Houston, you have to wait on nature to let up.  However, if it is a problem in your home, identify the appliance that is causing the issue and stop the flow.

Next, turn off the electricity.  If you can't reach the fuse box without going through the water, call an electrician.

Third, document all damage for insurance purposes.

Then, remove the water.  Assume the water is contaminated, so protect your health when dealing with it.

After you remove the water, remove any damaged possessions, flooring, walls, etc.

Then, once you've gotten all of the water and water damage out of your home, start rebuilding.

How do you prevent flooding?

There are five basic home maintenance projects that will help a ton.

  1. Clean your gutters
  2. Seal cracks in the foundation or windows
  3. Keep the heat in your house on if you leave in a cold climate
  4. Check your pipes
  5. Clear your pipes

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