Tech Talk Discusses New App That Forces Kids To Text Parents Back

Many parents struggle with the same problem, getting their teenage children to respond to their texts.

When kid get into their teens, a certain level of independence accompanies their new lifestyle.  So, as a parent, keeping in total contact, such as communicating information and location, can become very difficult.

Nick Herbert was tired of it.

Nick's son, Ben, was always on the go, heading from school to friends' homes, and other places.  While he was running around, he always forgot to do one very important thing.  He forgot to text his dad back and update him on what he was up to.

Nick said, "By the end of last summer I thought, 'Well, there must be something better.'  I'm trying to find him all the time."

So, Nick came up with ReplyASAP.

Nick said, "I wanted to be able to set an alarm on his phone — that was the gem of the idea.  Alarms sound even on silent. Why can't I set an alarm on his phone in order to do that?"

Once both phones are linked through the app, ASAP messages can be sent to one another.

When an ASAP message is sent, the app takes over the phone, locking you out of everything, and an alarm will go off (even if the phone is on silent).  The recipient must reply or hit the "cancel" tab for the alarm to stop.

Nick said the app isn't designed for you to annoy your kids all day, but more for emergency situations.

He said, "I told my son, 'If you want to make it urgent send me one of these. If you want to know where some socks are, send a text message and I can reply when I can."

The app is already available to Android users and will be available for iPhone users in coming weeks.

Read the full story at CBS News

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