Millionaire’s Club Has Grown Among State Workers

While wage growth has stagnated for many in California, some public employees are doing just fine. At least 50 people on the state payroll made more than $1 million dollars last year. Some of the biggest earners on the list were college coaches, professors and doctors. 

Taryn Kinney, a spokeswoman for the state controller's office told KFI's Andrew Mollenbeck that wages for state employees went up in 2016.

"The average annual wages in state government grew by close to 3% to $67,000 a year in 2016." 

The data is available online for anyone to see. Kinney says it's an effort to increase transparency in government. 

"The state controller wants to have this data available for anyone to go online and keep their government accountable." 

Data showed that the amount of millionaires has grown by 65 percent over the last three years with the top four earners on the list being college coaches.

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