L.A. Sues Over Sanctuary Funding Threats

The City of Los Angeles sued the U.S. Justice Department in San Francisco Tuesday -- over threats certain policing grants could be withheld if the LAPD fails to fully cooperate with immigration enforcement.

"The executive branch, the Trump administration, is overreaching, and we're going to fight," City Attorney Mike Feuer told reporters at a news conference.

The legal challenge, similar to cases filed in the last several weeks by the City of San Francisco and the California Attorney General's Office, questions whether the Justice Department can place new restrictions on money already authorized by Congress.

"It's unconstitutional for the federal government to seek to impose the conditions," Feuer said, referring to new requirements listed in grant applications - that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents be allowed full access to LAPD jails and that inmates wanted for possible deportation be held by LAPD for up to 48 hours.

Feuer said about $1.9-million in annual funding is in jeopardy, and said it's ironic the Justice Department would seek to cut-off that money -- since it's used to carry out crime-fighting programs.

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