Dean Sharp on the Beagle Freedom Project

KFI's House Whisperer Dean Sharp joined us this morning to talk about a program that's close to home.

The Beagle Freedom Project is a program run by the Los Angeles-based non-profit Animal Rescue, Media, and Education (ARME).

They negotiate with labs all over the world to secure the release of the dogs and other animals they use for vanity and scientific curiosity.

BFP uses the rescues to draw attention to the plights of animals that are suffering in labs and the beagles serve as ambassadors to give a face to all the other animals.

BFP has rescued and adopted out hundreds of animals to loving homes, including to Dean and his wife Tina!

Dean and his dogs Jackson and Sammy

Listen below to Dean and Jennifer discussing BFP and the amazing work they do.

If you want to learn more about the program, check out their website HERE and follow them on social media @beaglefreedom

Check out Dean every Sunday from 9-11am on his show HOME with Dean Sharp the House Whisperer here on KFI.

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