Want to Stream the Chargers Game? Listen to it here!

KFI is the radio broadcast home of your Los Angeles Chargers! Thanks to a special deal we've made with the NFL and the Chargers, you can now stream the game every week using this player here!

Click the stream above to listen to the Chargers game live! 

(Must be in 75 mile radius of Los Angeles to hear stream).

This week, the Los Angeles Chargers are taking on the New Orleans Saints. 

1-3p: Pre-game on The Patriot AM 1150!

3-5p: Pre-game on @KFIAM640

5p: Kick off on KFI! Or you can stream the game here!

For everyone who's missing all their favorite KFI content and hosts, fear not! We'll be playing special segments from your favorite hosts including Mo'Kelly, Dr. Wendy Walsh and more! 

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