Authorities identify the man involved in multi-city police chase

The man who was involved in a multi-city police chase on Wednesday has been identified as 23-year-old James Llamas by authorities. 

Llamas died after falling from a 160 foot crane at the Port of Los Angeles. It is unclear if he intentionally jumped or accidentally fell off the crane. 

Llamas led the police on a dangerous high speed chase that ended at the Port of Los Angeles. He crashed through the gates to gain access to the port where he got out of his car and began to climb the crane. 

He began to act erratically and the negotiators and SWAT were not able to communicate with Llamas. He was on the crane for more than three hours and he was seen doing handstands, crunches and removing his clothing. 

The chase began in San Bernardino when Llamas stole a car from a dealership there. The store enabled a tracking device which allowed the police to pursue him. 

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