Three Out of Four Renters in Southern California Want to Move Out of Town

The cost of rent is being cited by more than three-fourths of renters in Southern California as the reason they want to move away. Sydney Bennett from Apartment List told KFI's Andrew Mollenbeck that Los Angeles loses its shine for people after a few years. 

"Especially younger renters who were drawn to Los Angeles for the lifestyle or for a job opportunity, and after a few years they leave to settle somewhere more affordable." 

For those renters who are looking to get out of town, but remain in California, Riverside County was the top choice for renters. Bennett said that when people are moving out of state, people have a lot of choices. 

"When we're looking at LA renters looking to move out of the state of California, the top choice was Phoenix, followed by Las Vegas, and Atlanta." 

Job opportunities were the most commonly cited reason people moved according to the survey. 

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