Cannabis Industry Rallies at City Hall For Licensing, Permits

The draft rules from the L.A. City Council on regulating the cannabis industries has been met with skepticism from industry insiders. One person who works in the industry told KFI's Kris Ankarlo, that the city needs to offer legal protections. 

"We used to be so far ahead, and now we're so far behind the times, it's time for city licenses to get handed down with no 'maybes' and no gray area, or 'ifs,' 'ands' or 'buts.' Just give us the licensing like the rest of the state has." 

Some recommendations were made, but no changes or alterations were discussed at the meeting of the Rules, Elections, and Intergovernmental Relations Committee. The issue was kept in committee and will be raised again in a few weeks. 

The draft ordinance being considered by the committee would implement the guidelines outlined in Measure M which was approved by city voters back in March. The measure contains a process that would regulate and tax the cannabis industry in the city of Los Angeles. The ordinance also addresses issues such as licensing. 

One woman who used medicinal cannabis while battling cancer, says she works in the industry now to help other people just like her. 

"We should be able to have business licenses. I don't want to be a criminal. I've already fought for my life, I shouldn't have to fight to stay out of jail."

Cannabis industry leaders says without proper licensing by the city, business owners and employees would be exposed to government raids and arrest.

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