Bear Turns Up At Metrolink Stop

A bear was caught and tranquilized after it was found wandering the parking lot of a Metrolink station in Pomona.

The bear was first spotted in the area around the Fairplex in Pomona fairgrounds near McKinley and Paige Drive and was later found in a parking lot alongside the Metrolink train tracks.

Information about the bear and where it came from hasn't been released by California Fish & Game but it may have come from the near by Angeles National Forest.

Before he was taken in, the bear did have a few human run ins.

When Traci Lowe went on her morning walk, she wasn’t expecting to have an encounter with a giant bear. 

“Just as I saw the bear, he turned around and looked at me and chased me and my dog.”

Traci says she ran all the way back to her home at the Copacabana Mobile Home Park as a Pomona police officer saved her.

“This cop came around the corner and he just cut the bear off and it slowed down and then he yelled at me to get in the house. If there was no police around, I would have been attacked without a doubt." 

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