Windows That Could Look Upon Mars Have Been Built in South El Monte

One South El Monte Company is giving NASA a window to Mars - literally. 

The first pieces of the Orion Spacecraft that could take humanity to Mars have rolled off the line. The window panels built by AMRO Fabricating Corp's workers are part of a legacy that will reach far into the future. 

Astronaut Lee Morin says the Orion spacecraft will take people further out into space than ever before. "This vehicle will have the potential to go to Mars." 

Morin says the workers who built this part of the Orion are part of a special legacy. 

"The crew that rides on this and the team that puts them there, including AMROW and all the other suppliers have made that possible. And that's going to be a historical event that will be read about in the history books for hundreds of years." 

AMRO CEO Mike Reilly says the honor has just started sinking in for him. 

"To take a step back and look at the historical significance of what we're building is something that we probably don't do enough of." 

When asked if Reilly left a secret message on the historic window panels, the CEO just chuckled and shook his head no.

"I'd like to, but I don't think NASA would appreciate that." 

The Orion spacecraft could start taking astronauts into deep space by 2023.

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