Video: Texas Man Rides Horse into Whataburger

You ever want a burger so bad, but for whatever reason you don't have a car...a bike...a scooter...the ability to teleport...?

Well like any sensible person you don't call an Uber or take the bus, you unhitch your horse and get your fix, at least that's what one Texas man did.

Of course, the whole thing was caught on tape as an unnamed man in a cowboy hat and boots rode his horse into a Whataburger restaurant and started dancing on tables.

Whataburger employee Mari Navarro says at first all people heard was the click, click of feet.

"At first we didn't notice. A few customers said, 'Oh my God,' I turned around to see what was happening, and I saw a big o' white horse in the lobby."

An employee asks him to leave and the man agrees...but it appears his horse doesn't want to leave.

Eventually both make their way out, no injuries were reported and the police were not called about the incident.

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