L.A. Trying to Make Contractors Think Twice About Working on Border Wall

The Los Angeles City Council wants to know if companies they're working with are also working on Trump's border wall. Contractors have been put on notice to publicize any dealings they may have with the Trump administration. Councilman Gil Cedillo says people deserve to know who the city is doing business with. 

"We want transparency in all our contracts. We want to know who we do business with. We want to know the people who do business with us share our values and so we've asked the city attorney to do that." 

The city cannot ban contractors who have worked on the wall, but Cedillo says a contract with the city of LA is a valuable thing and should be awarded to the right companies. 

"Contracting with the city of Los Angeles is not a right, it's a privilege. It's one in which many companies want to do business with us." 

The council voted yesterday to ask city attorney Mike Feuer to review the plan. 

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