US Military to Shoot Down Consumer Drones

The Pentagon has decided to give US military bases permission to shoot down and destroy consumer drones that fly overhead and nearby their bases.

A spokesman revealed the guidance was issued late last week but the exact terms of the policy was classified.

This comes days after the US Army ordered its own troops to stop using drones produced by Chinese manufacturer DJI because of "cyber-vulnerabilities".

In April, it was made illegal to fly personal drones within 400 feet of any of the 133 US military facilities.

Those who disobeyed the order would face financial penalties and possible criminal charges.

There have already been recorded incidents of public citizens have shot down drones flying over their own private property.

Navy Captain Jeff Davis says the new guidance will clarify what steps military bases can take and how they can warn local communities of the counter-measures. 

"We retain the right of self-defence and when it comes to... drones operating over military installations, this new guidance does afford us the ability to take action to stop those threats."

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