Tank the Missing Tortoise Reunites with Owner

In an ironic turn of events, a tortoise ran away from home.

The reptile's owner Zak Kiesel says "Tank" had gotten loose from his home in Poway through an open gate on his family's property.

Zak's dad says they were watching the news when a story on a missing tortoise found by the city's mayor came on.

"My wife saw the story and shows it to me and I look at it and am like 'wow, that looks just like him.'" 

The day after Tank's escape, one of Kiesel's neighbors called Mayor Steve Vaus to tell him about the random tortoise in their yard.

The mayor picked up the reptile and gave him to Lisa Ricky, who has several animals like chickens, goats, pigs, horses and even a couple turtles of her own.

Mayor Vaus began to post pictures of E.T. (escaped tortoise...Vaus' nickname for the then unknown tortoise) to social media. 

Jeff says he isn't shocked Tank gave the family the slip.

"We call him Tank because he's going to go wherever he wants. You're not going to stop him. Breaks sprinklers, breaks through things, ruins bushes...He's slow, but he's actually pretty quick. It would surprise you. [You] hear tortoise and you think slow. But if you're not paying attention, he starts walking and all of a sudden you're like where is he?"

While the Kiesel family is happy to know Tank is safe and sound, but since Zak will be leaving for college soon he says being left with Lisa may be in the tortoise's best interest.

"I think I might miss him because I've had him so long and he's my oldest pet. But if he has a better home here, that would make me happy."

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