Chicago Police May Be Able to Predict Crime With Tech

With an uptick in shootings, the Chicago Police Department is using predictive algorithms to fight crime. 

At a police head quarters on Chicago's South Side, officers can scan digital maps on screens that allows them to see where crimes may happen. 

An Engadget article explains how the algorithm works:

"Developers like PredPol are offering “predictive policing” software that tells cops where and when crimes are likely to happen based on the location, the nature of the crime and the time of day. The software knows that there’s a good chance that a burglary or gang slaying will lead to similar activity in a given area, or that you’ll see drunken fights outside of a dive bar in the early morning. Theoretically, police just have to patrol these areas more often to stop crime before it starts."

The department has been using the tech since the start of the year and say they've seen some major improvements.

In Chicago’s 7th district, shootings have dropped by 39 percent while murder dropped by 33 percent. 

Other districts say they have not seen a drastic drop in crime rates, but they have seen a difference overall.

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