Montclair Officials Clear Out Warehouse Filled With Dead Animals

Montclair officials are scratching their heads, trying to figure out why a man crammed thousands of animals into a warehouse without food or water. 

Police first discovered the cache of dead animals after several complaints about a horrendous odor coming from a small warehouse outside Montclair in San Bernardino County. When police arrived, they searched the warehouse and found thousands of dead animals.

Business owners say they're not sure what actually went on at the warehouse. This woman told KFI's Andrew Mollenbeck that they didn't see many customers. 

"Nobody sees him having any business just him buying animals." 

Chickens, exotic birds, snakes and fish were found with little ventilitation and no sign of food or water. Officers who searched the warehouse said it was covered in feces and filled with trash. 

The Inland Humane Society says its workers rescued more than 1,000 birds. A person who is suspected of living illegally in the warehouse was arrested by police earlier this week was being questioned by officers. 

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