Lapses Found in LAPD Teen Program

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said Friday a ‘top to bottom’ review of the Department’s cadet program found a lack of supervision and inconsistent rules at different police stations.

“Some places have not put the level of supervision in the cadet program that we think they should,” Beck told reporters.

New rules have been adopted since the arrests of seven cadets allegedly involved in the theft and misuse of three patrol cars, and the discovery and arrest of an officer at the 77th Street Station accused of having an illegal sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl in the cadet program.

Beck said the cadet program is valuable and will continue, though the 77th Street Station group may not restart until the investigation into the criminal cases is complete.

“You know, we’re not trying to create mini police officers here,” Beck said.

“This is a youth program to create leadership and a future for the young people of Los Angeles.”

The arrested officer, Robert Cain, faces felony sex charges in Los Angeles County and felony assault weapons charges in San Bernardino County, where police say a number of illegal guns were found during a search.

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