Hermosa Beach Has Been Trashed

Hermosa Beach has been covered in trash for a good cause. Container Recycling Institute President Susan Collins says they drew their inspiration for the piece from Buddhist monks. 

"We chose the concept of a Mandala, like the sand Mandalas the Buddhist Monks make." 

The art installation contains 822 bottles, cans and cartons laid out in a flower patter to represent the amount of plastic containers the average American uses each year.

"For every person in the United States, is an average of 822 bottles and cans that we go through for beverage containers every year." 

Much of that plastic ends up in the oceans - which is why Collins and her group choose Hermosa Beach for their project. 

"It was such a meticulous process to gather exactly the right containers. We've been working on this for a couple of months."

Only 37 percent of households in the U.S. recycle according to Collins. Californians on the other hand, recycle at a much higher rate, closer to 80 percent. 

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