Two Kids Pooled Allowance to Donate to Police Department's K-9 Program

Fullerton siblings Ray and Simone Haldeman pooled together their allowances and birthday money to donate to charity.

The idea originally came as a joke from their mother, Stephanie Chang who was happily surprised her children, ages 9 and 7, agreed.

“This was a project, a way to contribute however much money they wanted to. I told them ‘When we’ve collected enough, then we can select a charity, donate it, then start all over again.'”

The kids decided to donate the almost $300 to the Fullerton Police Department’s K-9 unit because the kids love their two German Shepherds.

Sergeant Jon Radus was blown away by the gesture.

“It’s pretty darn impressive that a 7- and a 9-year-old would have the desire to do that. We were incredibly honored that they wanted to give their hard-earned money to us and a cause they felt worthy.”

Radus says the donation will go towards K-9 training, upkeep and vet bills.

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