Tech Talk: Retrieving Your Lost Fitness Data

How bummed would you be?

You spend months, years even, tracking all of your workouts and every single step you take.  Then, without warning, the fitness tracker that you've been using goes out of business.

That is exactly what Jawbone UP customers are dealing with.

What do they do?  How do they get their data?

Just ask.

Jawbone's successor company, Jawbone Health, has acquired all customer data and says they will serve and support existing customers.

Furthermore, Jawbone Health says they will delete your data from their systems if you request that, as well.

How do you protect yourself if you use a different company, though?

Most importantly, pay very close attention to the privacy policy before you agree to it, because you may be giving away much more information than you realize.

Christopher Dore is a Chicago-based partner at a consumer protection law firm Edelson PC.

He said, “Fitness trackers like this are a goldmine for useful personal data, which can be used in a variety of different ways...One issue with fitness tracking data is the heath information you’re giving away, such as heart rate, activity intensity. So, this becomes, in my mind, quasi-medical information they’re collecting about you.”

Read the full story at USA Today

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