Instead Of Condoms, Just Put This Sticker On Your Penis

Are you tired of wearing condoms during sex?

Well, there is a new product that claims to be a replacement.


Jiftip is a sticker that the man is supposed put over his urethra during sex, supposedly blocking any ejaculate from leaving the man's penis.

Sounds nice doesn't it?

“Feel your partner, Feel Freedom, Feel Safe.”

That's what Jiftip says, anyways.

Bit of a problem, though.

It doesn't prevent pregnancy or STIs.

That's right.  Jiftip said in their FAQ section that "Jiftip only protects pleasure and convenience, not STI's or pregnancy."

What's the point?

Doctors are still trying to figure that out.

Jamin Brahmbhatt, a physician with Orlando Health, said, "Consumers often get caught up in the hype and forget risk.  Even in the product’s disclaimer, it says it will not prevent pregnancy or STDs, which is the only reason people wear condoms in the first place.”

In case that wasn't enough, according to their website, "DOES IT HURT WHEN YOU TAKE IT OFF? Yes, it does hurt."

Well, I sure am sold on it...

If you are still interested (for some reason) and want to know how it works, you can watch this PG-rated video.

Read the full story at USA Today

Learn more about the product at Jiftip

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