Covered California Premiums to See 12.5% Increase in 2018

Covered California plans are about to get more expensive. The health exchange announced yesterday that they expect the cost of an average plan to go up around 12.5 percent in 2018. LA Care CEO John Baccas told KFI's Andrew Mollenbeck there's a way to get around the increase. 

"If you're in a particular Metal tier in a plan, you're in, and the rate increase is more than what you're comfortable with, you can switch to another plan in the same tier." 

Some carriers are dropping out of the health exchange entirely. Customers won't be able to sign up with Anthem Blue Cross next year. 

Despite the cost increase, the change is lower than last year. Covered California has helped to bring down the uninsured rate. State officials say the uninsured rate has dropped by 7 percent. Covered California provides coverage to around 1.5 million people in the state, most of whom receive subsidies to help lower their premiums under the Affordable Care Act. 

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