Video: 500 Pound Shark Flips, Jumps and Spins Out of the Water

An Orange County family caught a talented shark on tape while aboard a private fishing charter.

The group of 10 people were looking for yellow fin and dorado almost 20 miles out from Dana Point harbor when a shark appeared.

Captain Bo Daniel says the shark swam alongside the boat and took their bait.

“It took off screaming and crashed around in front of the boat. Then it started jumping right next to the boat. My deckhand, Steven LaSarge, was splashed like he was at SeaWorld with Shamu.”

LaSarge held the fishing rod and let Ron Smith and his family take turns passing the rod around.

“I was tugging on it and in my peripheral vision I saw a giant fish jump out on the other side of the boat. I didn’t realize how fast they move from the front to the back of the boat. It was incredible seeing it in the air, upside down and twisting.”

Daniel says that after 30 minutes on the line, the mako shark was able to twist itself out of the line.

“Mako’s are definite apex predators, they’re right up there with a great white. They’re one of the fastest fish in the ocean and can swim up to 60 miles-per-hour...Having it this up close was amazing. Two feet closer it would have been dangerous.”

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