Fake Uber Driver Arrested for Sexual Assault

Police are looking for more victims of a man who posed as an Uber driver and has been charged with sexual assault.

Carlos Pichinte claimed to be an Uber driver when he picked up his female victim in West Hollywood in mid-May.

Public information officer for the Beverly Hills Police Department, Lieutenant Elisbaeth Albanese says he then drove into Beverly Hills and sexually assaulted the woman.

Pichinte was later arrested during a stop while driving a silver Kia Rio.

Albanese says the car had decals from both Uber and Lyft, but Pichinte is not employed by either ride-sharing service.

He was charged with rape, kidnapping and several other offenses, he has plead not guilty to all charges.

Beverly Hills police say Pichinte may have been involved in other assaults in the LA area and are contacting neighboring agencies to see if he's connected.

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