Fake Red Curbs Plague Westlake

DIY red curbs are popping up in a Westlake neighborhood and the attached fake parking restrictions are causing some very real problems.

Alex Candelaria and his wife had been in contact with the city's Bureau of Engineering over the parking restriction.

He also says the lines don't appear to be city made.

"You can see some bleed-over on the painting, and it maybe could've used a piece of cardboard to make a pretty straight line. But it's a little messy."

Residents have reported they were ticketed for parking in these phony spaces.

Another Westlake resident says the fake red lines force her to park unsafely in the middle of the street.

Candelaria agrees about the safety issues and says this isn't the way to solve it.

He is working towards the neighborhood having permit-only parking zones and the DIY red curbs take away the already too few spaces.

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