Los Angeles Makes Deal to Host 2028 Summer Olympic Games

After months of speculation, the LA Times is reporting that Los Angeles has made a deal to host the Summer Olympic Games in 2028.

 The agreement with Olympic leaders comes after a back and forth between Paris and Los Angeles that began back in June. After both cities submitted strong bids for the 2024 games, the International Olympic Committee took the unusual step of announcing they would award both the 2024 and 2028 games simultaneously at their meeting in September. 

The deal brings the Olympics back to Southern California for the third time, since LA previously hosted in 1984 and in 1932. 

An official announcement from the International Olympic Committee about the Summer Games host cities is expected later today. 

Rumors had been swirling around Los Angeles agreeing to go in 2028, if only because LA officials expressed interest in that option. Paris officials on the other hand, made it clear to the IOC that they weren't about to wait for another four years for the games. 

The last time the U.S. hosted the Summer Games was back in 1996 in Atlanta. The 2002 Winter Games were hosted in Salt Lake City. 

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