Video: Nurse Caught Making Drug Drop to Inmate

A Tennessee nurse has been arrested after being caught on tape leaving fentanyl at a courthouse for an inmate. 

Heather Hodge, a nurse, is charged with Schedule II drugs possession, possession without a prescription, reckless endangerment and conspiracy to introduce contraband to a penal facility.

Fentanyl is a prescription drug that is 30-100 times stronger than morphine and even a small dose can be proven fatal.

TBI Special Agent In Charge, Tommy Farmer watched the surveillance video showing Hodge placing what was later to be found as a fentanyl patch in the door frame of the Grundy County courthouse. 

"I don't have any words. Reckless is an understatement."

Farmer says it's one of the top pain killers that's being abused and has been the cause of countless overdose cases.

"The inmate nowadays with all the diversion, with all the abuse that we're seeing, the inmate, I'm going to say, the inmate is wanting to get high on it or sell it...I lose any sympathy or empathy that I may have had especially with somebody that has training and that knows exactly what they're doing and knows exactly what the hazards are."

The Tennessee Department of Health says Hodge's nursing license expires next March and the board will decide if she can keep it.

Officials with the clinic Hodge works at says she is on leave pending the outcome of the investigation. 

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