Teen Pleads Not Guilty in Deadly Crash She Live-Streamed

The California teen who live-streamed a fatal crash plead not guilty to felony charges of vehicular manslaughter and drunken driving.

Obdulia Sanchez appeared via remote camera in Merced County Superior Court, putting in her plea and responding a "little bit" when the judge asked whether she understood the charges against her.

Sanchez's public defender Ramnik Samrao says the 18-year-old believes she killed her sister.

"Anybody can say very easily that she is responsible for the death. She believes that too. She said multiple times, 'I killed my sister, I killed my sister'. There's no doubt about that, but whether there was a crime committed, that's a separate story."

Last week Sanchez was driving northwest of Fresno with her 14 year old sister Jacqueline Sanchez and another 14-year-old girl who suffered a leg injury in the crash.

Authorities say the car veered into the shoulder of the road and Sanchez overcorrected, causing the vehicle to swerve and overturn, ejecting and killing Jacqueline.

Prosecutors in the case say the Instagram live video showing Sanchez dancing to music while driving and taking her hands off the wheel will be a key piece of evidence.

Merced County Chief Deputy District Attorney Harold Nutt calls her behavior "disturbing and shocking."

"It reflects some depravity and some stupidity and that sort of thing. It's shocking behavior, no question about it." 

If convicted on all six charges, Sanchez could spend more than 13 years in state prison.

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